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(79 People Likes) What is your biggest “only in China” moment?

in the world. It’s amazingly gorgeous. (I’ll throw in more images at Realistic Sex Doll the end for scenery)
Just about all corner stores sell alcohol – its not uncommon to see 10 year old’s buying beer (or smokes) at 8am at breakfast time. No one asks for ID. In fact, I gained a lot of weight drinking beer with my morning breakfast noodles.
Just about every hotel 3-STAR or higher has a massage menu, as well as ‘secret menu’.
People are really really nice, friendly, and helpful is most areas.
In certain cities, you can’t get a hotel room with the opposite sex without showing marria my sweet love interactive baby doll african american e license.
Military will show up, point guns, take your camera and delete them. (I uploaded this to cloud, but they deleted it from my camera) – This was taken in a subway station.
Many places in tourist locations (if your foreigner) will swap out money you give them and them come back and tell you it was fake. I got in the habit of taking a quick photo anytime I went to pay with big bills after it happened to me twice. As this happened to me maybe 30–40 times over the course of several years, I saved myself from getting scammed many times. I’ve never had this happen in any other country, not even in Hong Kong.
Bowling with two hands, and multiple people at the same time. No matter where I went in China, I always tried to find places with pool tables, and bowling ally. Anytime I went, people would use two hands, or teams would bowl all at once. So if it was a 4 vs 4, all 4 would throw together 4 balls… I’ve never seen that before. And its quite common, and then stare at me when I am bowling by myself and hitting strike after strike. One time I had an audience of maybe 30ish people standing around me.
Umbrellas when its not raining. If it is sunny outside, then you’ll see lots of umbrella vendors come out to sell umbrellas to people walking around. Umbrellas provide shade – so its very common for people in China to only walk in the shade (avoiding sun like its lava) or they have an umbrella.
In Canada, USA – I’m used to a single security truck with 2–3 security guards for bank deposits. In China, some places – its 4–5 vehicles, sub machine guns, 15–20 guards in military uniforms., armored cars with gun mounts – and they form a circle around the bank entrance. I took a picture, but they took my camera and I never got it back. And if you walk anywhere near them, they’re guns go up and they start shouting at you. Apparently they take security to avoid hijacking very serious.
In some locations – KFC chicken is cooked early in the morning, then stacked on a massive table that is probably 8×8 feet, and its got just a huge mound of chicken on it, thousands of pieces. When you go to order, they take it off the mound and new batches get piled on. (I wonder how old the bottom pieces are).
Buses stop for nothing. I’ve seen buses run over people, push cars out of the way, etc and then keep going to their next bus stop. Also, people really love to touch your butt when getting into a bus – its super packed. Wear zipper-pockets when you’re in busy areas to not get pick-pocketed.
Also, you can drive on the opposite side of the road, and on sidewalks. When I was driving motorcycle around China, that was hard for me to learn. It was also hard coming back to Canada and trying not to run red lights and stop signs, and not drive on the sidewalk there…
Some people like to jump onto cars and pretend to get hurt to try to claim insurance money, or get a payout. It looks funny too as the person ever so softly lobs them self onto a car hood – like a wrestling move.
People that get hit by cars and die on the road usually get picked up and put to the side by random people, then government and police will eventually come get the body, but it can take hours, sometimes longer than a day.
Pizza Hut has shrimp, squid, lobster, octapus, and rice toppings, as well as other asian/seafood toppings not available in the west. Mcdonalds and KFC has shrimp burgers and rice dishes (beef/fries aren’t common). It was difficult for me to get them to put ham on a pizza at Pizza Hut – I just wanted a Hawaiian.
Golf Carts in China. (or at least the region I went to when I did do golf) Some golf courses also had conveyor belts… so you take a swing, get on the moving belt, and get off where you ball landed.
Multiple people stacked on one motorcycle. The most I’ve seen was 4 Adults, and 3 children. It was a standard commercial motorcycle (not sport), Originally a 2 or 3 seat one, but had 4 adults, then 3 children on their shoulders, no helmets, one child must have been two years old.
Then there is this.
Yes, I really like China, I go

(96 People Likes) Are there any stores in the US that sell blow-up dolls of Donald Trump?

h a spoon. He is already a blowhard. Any store that would sell that disgusting item, would be out of business before they Realistic Sex Doll pen the door. I hope he start my sweet love interactive baby doll african american an I Trump blow-up store to add to his failu

(13 People Likes) I’m planning to start building robot prototype for my company, using the Life Like Sex Doll Bodies from China in order to achieve maximum realism in the end product. Is that illegal in Europe countries?

Today I want to present a moral question, but some of this post may be perceived as crass. I assure you, however, that it contributes to the moral quandary, and is not merely intended to shock or disgust.
If however you are looking for a straight-forward answer to this question, scroll down to the last section.
What do you think of a sextoy laying around the house, in public view? It’s probably not ideal, but it’s not wholly inappropriate—particularly when “in public view” only denotes potential accessibility/viewability as realistically there is no one coming over. If you are a recluse, you might as well have all the walls of the living room adorned with the most shocking or aesthetically pleasing sextoys in the world.
What if it’s a single sextoy, in proximity to children? There are no labels warning not to keep sextoys around children. If any threat is to be perceived at all, it is merely a moral threat, as the sextoy poses no real danger to the child. If the child is young enough, it wouldn’t even know what they are looking at, and they may not even notice the sextoy in plain sight.
What if the child is older—old enough to understand what a sextoy is for? Here we begin to enter inappropriate theory.
And what if the toy is of a larger size? Does that have any bearing on how inappropriate it is?
And what if the sextoy is dad’s? Gender shouldn’t have any bearing on the appropriateness—or lack thereof—of the situation, but somehow it does. Mom’s sextoys are taken to be part of womanhood, while dad’s sextoys are taken to mean a myriad of less favorable things—in part depending on what kind of sextoy we are speaking of. But let’s not delve into a discussion about sex differences and gender identity.
The underlying question here is, should a sextoy be confined to the bedroom? Or let’s imbue some judgment for effect, and rephrase it like, “A sextoy should be confined to the bedroom, don’t you think?” We will get back to that later.
Human-like sextoy
We now live in a time where sextoys are produced that take on the form of humans—so-called ‘Real Dolls’.
First I wonder, is there a difference in inappropriateness in finding dad’s Real Doll compared to mom’s dildo? Or what about dad’s Real Doll compared to dad’s buttplug? Is it of any consideration what the sextoy is for, and/or what is done with/to it when it comes to evaluating the level of inappropriateness? Or is the size of the sextoy of consideration? Or the money spent on it? Or the time spent with it? I think all of these questions have a bearing on how inappropriate such a sextoy in public view and proximity to children is. But hold on to these questions for now.
Dad’s human-like sextoy
Finding dad’s Real Doll in the living room will certainly bring up questions the first time around. Whether dad had sex with it last night will likely influence how inappropriate its presence in the living room is, too. Is the presence of an unused Real Doll more inappropriate than the presence of an unused Fleshlight? What about used ones? Hold on to these thoughts.
Sextoy with AI
Now not only are we producing life-like sextoys in the form of Real Dolls, but they are becoming equipped with AI to increase how human-like they are. This will likely lead to even more moral considerations. In fact this is where things become interesting.
Some of these Real Dolls with AI are now presented as more than merely a sextoy. And indeed, to the owners they often were more than just a sextoy—even without AI. They are often perceived as romantic partners of sorts. See for example the movie Lars and the Real Girl
. This is often perceived as pathetic, but I think there is beauty in it too; flesh or synthetics, why is one partner necessarily less, or more indicative of the failings of her/his partner/owner? I’m hesitant to say owner because there is ambiguity in whether the Real Doll ought to be perceived as a puppet or a partner, though most would likely insist on the former at this point. But the introduction and technological advances of AI will cause a transition from puppet to partner—from sextoy to being.
Part of the family
Even without AI, Real Dolls were presented to be more than mere sextoys, but now that they are being equipped with AI, they are starting to become part of the household. Some Real Dolls with AI are said to have a “family setting”, and that they “do well with the kids”. As a result people have shown confusion, disgust, and concern.
Is it okay for dad’s sextoy to “cosy up with the kids”? And what if dad’s sperm from last night is still inside the doll? I know it’s vulgar, but hold on to that thought as well.
A sextoy should be confined to the bedroom, don’t you think?
The last paragraph amused me, because we just saw the same judgmental question return—more pressing than before—and yet we are about to enter a dilemma which may render the question nonsensical, or lacking in specificity. But it’s hard to avoid the moral dilemma we are about to face.
Before we get there though, let me repeat a few questions I asked before, and add one more. Is the size of the sextoy of consideration when it comes to evaluating (in)appropriateness? Or the money spent on it? Or the time spent with it? Or the intelligence it possesses?
Suppose technology of AI is so advanced that “Real Dolls” are effectively rendered beings in every sense of the word—if not human. And in any case, outwardly and behaviorally they would be indistinguishable from real human beings. Is this Real Doll still a sextoy, or a genuine partner? Is it inappropriate to let her “cosy up with the kids”?
Where then, in between the Real Dolls without AI or rudimentary AI and beings indistinguishable from humans, does it cease to be inappropriate to “leave it out”, or to refer to the Live Doll as “it”? At what point on this transition is a sextoy no longer a sextoy, and instead a true being? Funny to imagine though—a sextoy evolving into a being. I guess either way—whether natural or technological—sex is involved.
Is it of any consideration what you do with/to your partner when it comes to evaluating the level of inappropriateness of that partner? Is their size of consideration? Or the money you spent on/with your partner? Or the time spent with your partner? I don’t think any of these questions have a bearing on how inappropriate your partner is in public view and proximity to children.
At what point are the questions I asked you to hold on to rendered invalid?
I wonder at what level of intelligence and functioning it would be appropriate for a Real Doll with AI to leave the bedroom—to no longer be rendered a sextoy.
The reverse of course is very crass—to consider at what level of intelligence and functioning a mother and partner (not AI) shouldn’t be leaving the bedroom.
The philosophical and moral considerations of these situation juxtaposed amuses me though.
The answer
To answer the question—well, I don’t think there is a definite answer to the question. It will be a smooth transition f my sweet love interactive baby doll african american om sextoy to partner, and at least initially there will be disagreement on whether this AI constitutes a mere sextoy specifically designed for a person’s pleasure, or a genuine partner, who brings pleasure and happiness into someone’s life just like any natural human would.
During these advancements in AI, I would think that increasingly they will be seen as true entities, but it will probably not be a discrete moment when this happens—when Real Dolls cease to be sextoys and are wholle accepted as—or become—true Beings. Not unless there is some kind of revolution of identity which radically changes public perceptions of these notions. But just maybe a revolution of sorts will occur at the moment AIs are perceived to exhibit genuine empathy, pain, sorrow, and whatever “human” attribute we come to identify ourselves with, and/or shake our moral foundation to a degree that “machines” will be included in our moral and ethical considerations.
There likely will become a distinction—possibly also in terms of class—between natural humans and synthetic humans, but at some point of sophistication of AI we are likely going to be urged to at least acknowledge

(35 People Likes) How does it work?

rom cheaper materials. Cost: $50-500

High Quality Sex Dolls, they are made from quality TPE material and are more life-like. Customization is available with their hair, eye color, pubic hair, and accessories. Despite the great customization options, they aren’t as expensive as Sex Dolls with Artificial Intelligence. Cost: $300-$3000

Fully Realistic Sex Dolls with Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence sex dolls are the most expensive. They are highly customizable. Nearly any part of the doll can be upgraded, from their face, body, and accessories. Pubic hair, piercings, and even freckles and tattoos are available upon request. They l Real Doll ok and feel like the real life version of the hottest women on the planet. Cost: $4,000-$20,000


(33 People Likes) Are there still folks on eBay trying to scam with selling pics of something instead of the real thing, or tiny doll furniture as the real deal?

What they are hoping is that the transaction will be complete before you realize that the p my sweet love interactive baby doll african american yment you initially received from them failed or bounced and there they are never having spent a dime and also having the amount you refunded to them safe in a different account and on top of that they have your item too. It’s a win win for the scam artist and a lose lose for you. I would advise you to immediately send the overage Mini Sex Doll ack to them via the refund link in ebay/paypal or use