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(65 Likes) Which is better between a lover and a sex doll?

it also has a hundred or more acres, making the population in my area small. Anyway, the women here are either married or taken, so I don’t have anyone else I can relate to. Feeling quite alone, I bought myself a cutting-edge silicone sex doll that fulfilled my desires and needs. Now that I am satisfied with my senior sex doll I feel that I don’t need to go out and look for a lover, I can just stay home.

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(40 Likes) Can governments print unlimited money or is there an international consensus?

all countries imply that there is a limited economic cake to be divided and rules are necessary to protect the interests of each country…. That’s not how it works, the global economy is dynamic – not a zero-sum game. For example, there was a lot of alarm about our ongoing trade imbalance with China. Everyone believed that one day we would owe China for years, But the truth is that we could keep our trade imbalance with China indefinitely (Trump was going to fix it, but it wasn’t necessary). The fact is that China needed to create an export market for its product. Thus, he bought US Debt knowing that he would indirectly finance a permanent consumer for his product. Why would China want to do this? Because their problems have nothing to do with the USA. The challenge they face is that the manufacturing cities of the East absorb 15-20 million peasants from the countryside each year. Think about it, that’s 10-15% of their workforce. To keep them busy, you have to keep inflation low and exports high. The last thing you want is for them to starve (especially since these villagers average 6 men for every 5 women (not exactly a good ratio for controlling violence). This imbalance benefits both countries. mainly the benefits… Russia… giving China a new trading partner, reducing the attractiveness of maintaining an account deficit with the US, and… most importantly, giving Russia hard money to use (and weakening G-7 control over Russia) Meanwhile, hurting US farmers The only consolation about the tariffs is that it will hurt the stupid peasants and WalMart customers in Iowa and Minnesota (soybeans) who voted for Trump in Pennsylvania (bottom steel). Louts (accompanied by punitive austerity rules), Brexit, and German anger at the loss of their savings is driving the end of the euro as a common currency. he is pushing. With good economic leadership, both high-saving Germans and high-spending Greeks could create robust economies with strong currencies. Instead, highly thrifty Germans use their savings to subsidize Greeks (and as part of that subsidy, they punish Greeks for what actually means not being German (and, BTW, Germans have a right to be angry) with many examples of bad monetary policy (most notably in Germany). It was Weinmar… ironically it made them such reliable protectors, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Hungary… Hyperinflation tends to emerge as weak democracies.

(97 Likes) It’s not easy to find a cheap sex doll,

Cheap sex dolls aren’t easy, and it’s even harder to find a doll that isn’t a cheap fake replica. If you count the cheapest sex dolls, trunks and other air-filled things, it will realistically remind you of a doll that has nothing to do with a real sex doll, starting maybe $500. Typically, these are made from bad materials, poor build quality, or even dangerous materials. After Best Sex Dolls II, this is a hygiene product and your safety should be a concern. well

(45 Likes) Why did Hitler see German soldiers being given inflatable sex dolls?

French) was deployed to defend Berlin and the Führerbunker. Originally named: Légion des Volontaires Français contre le Bolchévisme or LVF). SS Charlemagne Grenadiere Obersturmbannführer Mayol De Lupé (Military priest, French Foreign Legion, Chaplain in the LVF). He was 63 years old. They fiercely fought the Russian advance in Berlin and, together with elements of the Hitler Youth, destroyed large numbers of Russian tanks using panzerfausts. The Hitler Youth fighters were men, some very young. During the battle of the Bulge, some American soldiers were saddened to see that their opponents were only children… However, they were some of the most stubborn warriors. Hitler Youth Hitler youth with Panzerfaust waiting to shoot down Soviet tanks… I have included this image above from the movie “Der Untergang” because it reflects very well what is going on, the weapons used by HJ and the young age of the fighters. . The Hitler Youth boy (looks like an 11-12 year old boy to me…) adorned with the Iron Cross was crying from the effects of the war shock. His parents were dead. He is just a child who has seen the abyss and burst into tears…. I am delighted to report that Hans-Georg Henke survived the war. He died of natural causes in 1997. Above is a view from later years Hell in Berlin The War in Berlin was very heavy and by 28 April 108 Soviet tanks were destroyed….and it continues to increase. In the end, the soldiers of SS Charlemagne were destroyed. Even after Hitler’s suicide on April 30, only a few of the 300 or so men were defending the Führerbunker. After the surrender, some were briefly executed by the French authorities. In one case, an interesting exchange took place between Free French General Philip Leclerc and a group of 10 captured Waffen SS-Charlemagne soldiers. The general said to them, “Why are you wearing a German uniform?” he asked. “Why are you wearing an American uniform?” said one of the captured men immediately and decisively. He asked. (Leclerc had served under the Americans and didn’t have many French uniforms). All were shot on the orders of Leclerc, without trial, on 8 May. And now, another interesting case, but this time, it’s about someone fighting only for his people for the opposite reason when he lost everything. We’re talking about General Walther Wenck, the youngest general in the German army, being referred to as the “Boy General”. General Walther Wenck General Wenck and Field Marshal Heinz Guderian loved jokes. Once he fired an 88mm cannon, he took several rounds to scare away the visiting general, who was bathing in the tub and dripping wet to Wenck’s amusement, jumping out of the tub. Hitler was not known for his sense of humor, let alone at the time, which was full of bad news from the front. In 1944, as Chief of Staff of the Army Group South of Ukraine, Wenck reported to Adolf Hitler on the situation and conditions in the area. He said to Hitler, “My Führer, as you can see, the Eastern Front is like a Swiss cheese…. Full of holes”. He was harshly criticized by his superiors for using colloquialism. However, Hitler praised the “vividness” of his report….. He was initially responsible for Operation Solstice” February 15-18, 1945, which stopped Zhukov’s forces and fought against Berlin On April 10, 1945, Wenck became Commander of the German Twelfth Army west of Berlin. The area controlled by Wenck’s army to the rear and east of the River Elbe, fled the path of approaching Soviet forces. Transformed into a large refugee camp for German civilians. Wenck went to great lengths to provide these refugees with food and shelter. The 12th Army was estimated to feed more than a quarter of a million people each day. Meanwhile, the Bundesrepublik’s longest-serving Secretary of State Hans-Dietrich Genscher, his minister and one of the key architects of the 1990 German reunification, was a soldier in Wenck’s army. I stumbled upon it in the first class cabin of a Lufthansa flight and no, I didn’t try to start a conversation with him). Hans-Dietrich Genscher Hans-Dietrich Genscher, left, with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, right, Wenck’s 12th Army on April 22, 1989, Hitler’s last hope of liberating Berlin, so to Wenck He ordered the Americans to stop attacking and attack to the west. instead the Soviets surrounding Berlin. Wenck’s army, just formed, launched a fierce counterattack, which surprised the Russians surrounding the German capital. Wenck initially made some progress, but was stopped outside Potsdam by overwhelming Soviet forces. Soviet troops besieged Berlin on April 27, severing German forces in Berlin from the rest of the country. On the night of 28 April, Wenck informed OKH-Oberkommando des Herres in Fuerstenberg that his Twelfth Army had to retreat along the entire front. However, Hitler especially persisted in his original orders to Wenck. Instead, he led an offensive southeast of Berlin to provide a corridor for the remnants of the German Ninth Army and, above all, the thousands and thousands of civilians trapped by the Soviets, who wanted to escape west of the Elbe and surrender to the Americans. . Wenck had heard the distressing calls for help over clear radio frequencies from civilians wishing to flee Berlin, as well as the small remnants of the 9th Army. Wenck could have avoided further fighting and could easily have crossed the American lines and surrendered to the Americans. However, he knew what trapped soldiers and civilians could expect from the soviets… General Wenck thought there was no way to abandon them without doing his best. helping them even with their very limited resources in equipment and skilled men. Paraphrasing him, General Wenck said to his men: “Comrades, once again you must go inside, it is not Berlin, it is no longer the Reich or Hitler.” Their mission was to save people from the Russians. Exhausted once again with very little ammunition left, the remnants of the 12th Army attacked fiercely to punch a hole and create a life-saving corridor for the Russians surrounding Berlin. Wenck called out to the people of Berlin, “Hurry up, we are waiting for you!” said. It was a codeless radio message that allowed all troops and civilians to hear it and go to safety. This also meant that the soviets could hear him as well and thus use all their military strength to destroy the corridor created by the 12th Army. Very soon, Soviet forces began to pierce the German lines. General Wenck fiercely repeated his men, “Hold on to the corridor! Once again, the German forces thrust themselves into fierce, furious counterattacks to keep the line of retreat open. This massive flood of humanity began to push westward to safety. The 12th Army’s men must retreat.” During Walther Wenck’s later years, these fathers, mothers, sons and daughters were saved from terrible torture and possibly death by the sacrifice of General Wenck’s 12th Army men, both young and old. Every life the Army gave saved dozens of lives, and they did so not for the Reich, certainly not for Hitler, but for his own people.According to one report, a soldier from the 12th Army later died to save himself and his comrades, his comrades and thousands of civilians. He stated that they felt a “feeling of loyalty, responsibility and comradeship” while sacrificing their lives. Compare with the attitude of Charlemagne’s contingent…! They fought to the bitter end just for Hitler, so what if