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(66 Likes) Most of Our Customers Say Friendship Is An Important Consideration

We also want to know what motivates our customers to buy in the first place. Sex is definitely the root cause, but friendship is a surprise my sweet love 16 toddler very close second. We sold dolls to both men and women

(82 Likes) What was the most disgusting person(s) you lived with?

and when I was in my 20s. He was 16 years old. Let’s call her Mindy (not her real name) She was homeless and jumped from shelter to shelter. For a few weeks here and there, I would offer my couch to squat on. I began to realize that he never took a shower, never washed his clothes, never cleaned himself, I paid for all his food, transportation and cigarettes. I finally moved from that municipality and haven’t heard from him for a while. About 2 years later, my current boyfriend and I, along with 2 other roommates, moved into a nice ranch owner and the house was mostly clean. Then, a year later, one of our roommates moved and we opened a place. Mindy came to my birthday party and after that she started talking to my friend on Facebook. They also became friends. When she heard we had an open room, she told my friend how it sucked so badly that she was kicked out of her apartment because her roommate wasn’t paying rent. She felt sorry for him and asked if she could come with us. I said I wasn’t sure if it would suit him. She convinced me otherwise, she appealed to my human nature. Moving days… we helped her pack her things from her old apartment. My friend said the apartment was full of garbage bags, messy garbage, dead rodents, flies, maggots, cat poop and pee everywhere. Absolutely nasty. She claimed she did it because all her roommates were lazy and ate all her food. He lived with us for 2 years. 2 years of absolute hell. Things he does are: -Takes a bath (no shower) once a month. It smelled like ammonia, death, and rotting fish. It was sharp, heavy, and left a stinking trail of odor in the air of the room it was in or when it passed by. Once she did the laundry once a month, her clothes still smelled like her after they came out of the dryer. After that I would have to wash my clothes 2/3 times to get them clean. – Faded stains all over your bed, bedding, pillows, clothes. She would throw her feminine products on the floor next to the toilet bowl, leaving stains on the toilet seat, toilet bowl and bathroom floor. It was never cleaned. He never cleaned the bathroom either. He didn’t pick up his dirty stuff from the floor either. The tub was black. The toilet was black. Our other roommate had to do this. (My girlfriend and I had our own bathroom). – He had a cat (a very shy, shy cat who only stayed in the bedroom) and the litter box turned into mud, making the house stink and punching you in the face if you had to enter his room. The litter box would get so bad he would have to go to his room to clean it while my girlfriend was away. She also fed and watered her cat. Since you didn’t. At one point the smell in his room became SO BAD, he decided to camp in his living room. Messed with her mess (I’ll get to that in a moment) for 5 MONTHS!! Her cat was so neglected in those five months that she lost her hind legs, I told her to drop her off at the animal shelter. She said she would. He didn’t. Her cat is dead. My girlfriend had to bury it. It was heartbreaking. I also had 2 cats and I am an animal lover. This made me lose all my respect. -Later he brought another cat. The one we learned later was infested with worms. This cat pissed all over my leather sofas that needed to be thrown away. We had to pay to have it destroyed. Food (and ate 3 times what my two cats did). We should have let him be an outdoor cat, as surrogate I both had to. One of them died because of it. After loving and caring for this cat for 7 months, she gave it back to her grandmother and we couldn’t even say goodbye. -He was handicapped, didn’t have much money, so we offered him to share his meals with us. We would do extra for him. So I offered to take her weekly to buy groceries from the food bank. He accepted this offer once. At one point, our grocery bill went over $500 a week because he ate everything. In large quantities. Costco, a box of taquito… gone in 24 hours. We didn’t get even one. Anything suitable that doesn’t require cooking…it’s gone within 36-48 hours of shopping. I used to cook very large portions to freeze extra dinners. It would be 3-6 a day. They didn’t last long. He literally ate everything. While my boyfriend and I eat one meal a day. -Most of the kitchen utensils would stay in his room. Eventually we set up chore/cooking programs. He would do his dishes once a week. On my dinner day. If I didn’t have a dish/house chores day in 2 days, I would easily spend 3-5 hours washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. It took me 7 hours once. She had complained on Facebook how the kitchen was so messy and her roommates were idiots. I took before and after photos. He sent them to her. And it showed him how clean this idiot keeps the kitchen even though 90% of it isn’t even my mess. – He used to smoke everybody’s cigarettes. It didn’t matter who he was or whether he could afford it. He’d wait when no one was outside, then chain the smoke while he went and played games on his laptop. I bought it for him. -We finally cut him off our grocery bill, we started labeling our groceries, and I’d take him to buy his own food, teaching him how to cook and how to budget buy. It still messed up. The kitchen smelled wonderful from the food she made. He would burn my wooden spoons and leave pots and pans in thyme on dry food. There were moldy dinner plates all over his room. It was absolutely disgusting. We still have some of our food, drinks, snacks etc. would ring. -We didn’t have money for rent for a month. Offered to take payday loans from several different Money Mart types of places. I owed him $1250. A month later, I gave him $2500 and $900 just in case, to cover the first round of NSF bank fees and interest on the loans. Months later, he complained of “monthly account fees”, NSF fees, and -$800 in his bank because he had no money in the bank. Eight months after I gave him the money, I found out that when I took him to the bank and handed him the money, he walked in, but pretended to deposit the money. Instead he just bullshit and lived like kings for 2 weeks. He ruined his credit, but they couldn’t come after him for the money because he was disabled. I was blamed for this. Arrow. -His bedroom… oh boy, SMELL. It was filled with so much trash, old food, dishes, dirty clothes, cat poop and whatever was inside, so the extra smell from his room started seeping into my room across the hall. We had to put towels on our door to stop it. We had a door to the veranda and from there we could enter the main part of the house. We stopped using our inner door. His bathroom also got so bad that it was constantly disgusting, utterly disgusting. When my guests arrived, they started using the doorless en suite bathroom in my bedroom. We stopped hanging out in the main house and started staying on the deck or in the garage where my art studio is located. Mindy did literally nothing in that house but made it a dump. There is probably a lot I missed. That should paint a pretty clear picture of the hell we’ve endured for 2+ years. When the Real Baby had to move, we moved as far away as possible so she wouldn’t try to move in with us. The room he had vanished when all his belongings were taken out. We washed the walls, the carpets, everything. The smell remained. Fortunately, the house was destroyed. We had to pay to throw the bed we lent him. The bedding we lent him. We had to throw it away. In the end, it cost us much more financially, physically, mentally, to move in and give him a place to call home to help with the $400/month rent.

(39 Likes) A ​​9 year old girl loves collecting dolls and enjoys looking at them in their unopened boxes, is this a good hobby for a kid her age?

I know a lot of adult women her age who will enjoy/collect dolls and 9 is a VERY normal age to play with them. If you’re worried about her picking them up and keeping them out of their boxes, she obviously wants to take care of them and maybe she appreciates the art of babies and enjoys seeing how they are presented and once again there’s nothing wrong with that. . When I was younger I used to collect tons of magazine clippings of stylish models because what I was interested in.

(58 Likes) If you and your best friend like the same girl, would you let her have it?

those girls. A weekend passed as usual but when I went to school all my friends were talking and gave me weird looks and then I saw them sitting hand in hand. My best friend asked her out. So the answer to the question is definitely no. Here is my answer: A month passed and I tried to ignore him and stay his friend, but then he came to me for advice because he was such a distant and reckless boyfriend who acted like he didn’t exist. I knew I didn’t have a chance with him because I was a really nerdy shy kid and he was really cool, had friends and wore leather jackets a few times, so I told him the truth about him. In short, he started texting me and another month passed and he admitted that he wanted to leave her for me. Or crush your dreams as you think of them. I did the morally right thing in a perfect world and told him I couldn’t hurt him. Haha, no. He cheated on her with me and then dumped her ass for this beautiful cow. We dated for 2 years before it happened

(64 Likes) Should the government change their constitution to make the import and use of sex dolls criminalized and severely punished?

/br> There may be little reason to need any constitution to criminalize what you are trying to criminalize. Simple bylaws should do the trick. Also, why panic over a sex doll? It’s nothing more than a complicated dildo and neig.